Yz450 Tank And Rad Shroud On A 426

HI ! Does somebody knows if you can fit a YZ-450 tank and radiator shroud on a YZ-426 00 . Does the seat fit , does the rad shroud fit on the rad etc. Please let me know if somebody have already done that.

Also do you know if a compagny sel a graphic kit for black yz. All the kit that i have seen Have some kind of blue or yellow color in it . I don't anderstand why they do black plastic if you can't have the graphic to fit it.

none of it fits....unless you modify the bike.

Thank's ! I have already seen them, but again they have the foo... blue trim and they fit Yz450 and not the 426. Right now i'm considering 2 option . Transform it in to a 450 looking bike or change the color of my 426 whith a black plastic kit including the tank and i will paint the frame silver or black.I'm sick of all those blue Yamaha.But the problem is i don't have seen a good looking graphic kit witout blue or even worse yellow grafic.The only one is the BBR red silver whitch is one looking good, but i will prefer something like the enjoy factory kit if they don't have the blue contour.If you have seen something please let me know.

Tank's a lot its very interesting . I reed your thread and you answer about every question. You have the kind of result i want to achieve.Just to make sure i don't mist something the radiator are the stock 426? And if yes the shroud bolt at the same place ? ( i know i have to trim the shroud like you mention). Please let me know

the radiators are stock...BUT you have to shave the inside of the 450 shrouds to get the to fit. Nothing difficult and you will easily figure it out if you have all the parts there.

thank's. for your help

next time do search this topic has been done many times

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