brake lights on xr

I have one on my 2000 XR650R, and it works great! Only complaint I've heard about them is that the are kinda small, and therefore hard to see during daytime riding, compared to the larger red tail lights available.

Ted K.

Check these guys out too for dual sport parts:


I got one of these for 20 bucks. Works good. Its got a tiny little clear spot on the end of it that lights up the license plate too...

Took him about 8 days to ship it. They guy only lives 35 miles from me...I coulda just gone over there and got it.... :applause:

Check these guys out too for dual sport parts:

It was all bike help :applause:

Hey shawn_mc where did you get that light ? ebay?

I did the cheap version of what Shawn Mc has. I just mounted a two way light socket under the stock fender light lens. It took a little trial and error to get it from blowing bulbs every so often. I had to stop it from shaking and banging against the lens. Plus it needed to be adjusted so it would not melt the lens. The bulb gets hot and needs a little air space between the lens. All Is good now, I have many hard off road miles and no blown bulbs.

If I was to do it over again I would just buy the one Shawn Mc uses. Some day my home made unit will get another broken lens from a good crash (as once before). I will replace it with Shawn Mc's unit. It look's way cleaner than the (more shock resistant) LED set up. I made a simple bracket that holds the lic plate at a better looking angle than the LED unit will provide.

PS. To prolong bulb life and to be stealth when sneaking off closed trails at dusk, I installed a togle switch to interupt the ground so I can black out the rear light. I also unpluged the small bulb in the head light that is always on. When I'm ready to hit the street I just flip the togle and select the low beam and I'm good to go.

Sorry about the link in my previous post, :applause: minor brain f**t. Here's the correct link:

Hi guys

i have just joined

Hello from Scotland

i used a 14 LED brake light and converted it to work as side/stop,its very bright and very neat,it cost about £2.00 to purchase and convert.

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