Yamaha's amazing reliability!

Actually the one intake valve that had been out of spec the most was OK this time but my mechanic said the other two were right on the border so I had him adjust them. If they're all within spec now and I'm not at the last possible shim allowed, do you think they'll be OK for a time or am I courting disaster?

You need new valves now, don't forget to replace the valve seals and springs too.

Oh I see, where I ride its always raining, or on gravel logging roads, but I think i might just want to get a new filter, don't wont to worry about my valves.

Buy a UNI, they are a 2 piece filter that is easy to clean. UNI's are the only filter I've seen dyno .5 horsepower more than a stock filter (half a horse is a bunch).

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