Uncorked but leaking fuel

Uncorked the bike. Runs great, but tended to stall at idle on first test ride.

Parked bike and noticed fuel pouring out of drain tube. Shut pepcock off flow stopped.

Checked drain screw with pepcock off fuel drained at same rate as with pepcock open. Closed drain screw flow stopped.

Opened pepcock and flow started again. Tried the cycle several times same result.

Any ideas?

maybee float level, or the needle is bad, or something is hanging up the float. :applause:


The fuel spills at a slower rate with the drain vavle closed, like a can being drained without a vent. If it where a stuck float wouldn't it come out of the overflow?

When you put your carb back in the needle for the fuel shut-off that is attached to the float tang is hung up. This would cause the bowl to flood out.

Also keep in mind that the stock float level is too high. Polish the bearing edges of the needle valve and adjust the float approximately 2mm earlier shut off.

I did as oldmantime said and I no longer get the infamous backfire into the airbox after a dump nor the crispy filter backside.

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