Anybody using a hydraulic clutch?

I've been considering getting a hydraulic clutch for my 98'WR to lightten up the clutch pull. Are they worth the money? Do they give a noticable difference in clutch pull? Any other suggestions on how to lighten up the clutch pull?


Hey there Hurricane,

I have a Magurra Hydralic Clutch for sale, virtually new, for US$150. Interested?


Hello! I have Magura clutch and it works really nice, i am very pleased with it. It more easy to handle then yhen standard wire.

Hebo unit is available from:

The price is now $189 - I got mine on sale. erider is a sponser of Dirt, and are very good people!! I do recommend them without reservation.

Do a search on "Hebo".....there are several posts about this Juice clutch. I put one on and love it! Spent about $150 as I recall, and mine is now a one finger clutch. Very Nice. Magura makes a very nice unit that is more money, but has a built in compression release lever.

It is not the best $150 I've spent on this bike - but I'd do it again in a heart beat!

My Hebo has a lighter pull than stock, but I lost tons of bar space, plus the rubber seal on the adjuster tore the first day out. I've heard that Magura makes a hyd. clutch with a compression release mount, which would help the bar space problem.

My previous GYT-R (Yamaha racing) standard clutch lever was the best option, with pin-bearings and a very smooth lever contour designed by the Yamaha racing team. It's pull was about the same as my Hebo.

Thanks for the reply. I've never heard of "Hebo" is that who makes it? If so do you know who sells that brand. I was looking at the Magura and found it for about $210 + shipping from F.S.O.. They sell Billitanium hydraulic clutches through Thumper but they want about $400 for those.

Mitch from Oz, I am interested in your Magurra clutch. How do I get a hold of you?


Mitch from Oz,

I tried that email address three times but the first two came back undeliverable, did the 3rd one come thru?


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