Hello Ladies, quick question for ya.

Im 18 (male, lol) and I had a question for you. I bought my awesome girfriend of a year and a half a motorcycle class to get her license (shes as much of a motorcycle nerd as me, lol). I want to put her on a dirtbike so she can perfect all of those basic skills before she tackles the road and all the dangers that come with it. She is 5'8 but has really short legs. I was thinking either a honda XR 200, or like a KLX 125. Something that she'll be safe on but still have a good time (a little throttle happy if you know what I mean, lol) Or if you guys had any other ideas please let me know. Thanks ladies! :applause:

new or pre-owned?

if new what color does she like best?

if used, what is on the market in your area?

there is a sticky 'beginners bikes' a few threads up

read it

then ask detailed questions

I would go with a KTM 250 4stroke, then lower the suspension a bit or have the subframe cut down for her if she has short legs. You could go with the 351 kit when she was ready to grow into a little more power. I think she'd really like the button. Otherwise the XR200 apears to be a popular bike for taller beginners.

If you're going to put her on a fullsize bike, check out the KDX200. Dirt cheap, easy to ride but fun enough she won't outgrow it as fast as she would a XR200 or something, and lightweight compared to some of the fourstrokes. IMO that is one of the bestest beginner bikes out there. If she is not tall enough, read the thread at the top of the forum and then ask us again. Or just have her sit on bikes at a dealership and test out friend's bikes.

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