Throttle cable pulls when turning

I find on my new 650r that when i turn the bars hard left the throttle jams open. Not wide open but definately does not return. Seems these cables are too short as i have oiled every moving part possible. Its pretty hard trying to do donuts when the throttle sticks open. Mind you its pretty hard on this bike anyway because of the way it delivers its power. I lean the bike over and boot it and the bike does a half circle and then takes off in a straight line with me hanging on like a rag doll starring at the heavens. Sound familia? Anyway i dont know if i can ajust the cables without having slack in the action which i don't like. :applause:

This is a common problem when the cable is routed wrong. Most of the time what happen is you allowed the cable to drop below the left tank mount. Make sure that the throttle cable passes above the tank mount before you install the tank mount bolts.

As Old_Man_Time said, take off the gas tank and reroute. Also look at handlebar rotation in the clamps and throttle grip position on the handlebar.

Had the same problem with my pig. Old Man Time is right the cables are most likely below the tank mount. I've also had the problem with my bike stalling when I turn the handle bars to the right. Same thing the cables are not routed correctly.

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