Newbie Question

Hello All... I just picked up a 06 WR450 and this is my first 4 stroke bike. I have been riding a YZ 250 for the last 7 years and I am not sure what to expect from this bike. Last night I took the tank off and after a long battle with a short allen wrench I was able to get the throttle screw out for replacement. While I had the tank off I was going to cut the grey wire. But in talking to a buddy of mine he suggested that I should start with just the screw and see if I like it before cutting the grey wire etc. Sort of the concept of doing one mod at a time and testing it out. I understand that with the YZ timing I will get a bunch more wheel spin and higher revs. Both of which I am use to from riding the 250. What would you guys suggest? Should I just go for the gusto? Grey wire, air box snorkel, exhaust!?!?

Thanks in advance!!!

Yes. Do it all. It needs to be done. You will want to bump up you main to a 165 as well.

On my 03 wr 450, I didn't get the quicker revs and the wheelspin until i put a YZ cam in the bike. Which I would highly recommend to anybody.

The throttle stop and grey wire are essentially two steps in the same mod. The grey wire mod allows for the ignition to properly adjust itself for the increased amount of fuel due to the throttle stop being shortened...SC

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