klr 250 timing chain adjustment

Could someone please give me info on timing chain adjustment for a 1988 klr 250? Am I supposed to adjust it before the valves and how do you adjust it? The bike seems very noisey but I also heard that may be normal but I would still like to check it since I just got this bike and it was not well cared for any help would be very appreciated. Thanks

You don't. The klr 250 has an automatic cam chain tensioner. If the chain is making noise either it needs replaced or the automatic cam chain tensioner has failed.

Remove the center bolt on the auto chain tensioner. The bolt and srping should pop out. Remove the two 6mm bolts on the ACT body. Look at the detent/pawl part of the tensioner. There is a small spring loaded detent/pawl that locks the tensioner in place as the chain wears and the spring extends the pawl to keep tension. Depress the detent/pawl and push the shaft back into the body of the tensioner. Replace the body of the tensioner on the engine with the two 6mm bolts.

Install the spring and push tension on it with the bolt. If you do not feel resistance 3/8" to 1/2" away from the threaded hole, your chain is worn to the point of replacement.

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