2006 WR450 Yosh TRS Comp system

I was ready to pull the trigger and purchase this system for one of my bikes. I called to place the order and when I placed my order the person taking it was unsure if the 2005 system would work on the 2006 bike. I called Yoshimura direct and asked if the 05 would fit the 06 and she didnt know. She said that they were coming out with an all new 2006 model and that they had completely redesigned the new system for the 2006 YZ so she assumed that the WR would also be redesigned. When I asked if the mounting hardware/assembly would be the same, she didnt know. Can any of you answer this question? WIll the 05 fit the 06 model? Thanks!! :applause:


On the WR it will fit, but not the YZ.

'06 WR is the same bike as the '05 WR.

'06 YZ is completely new from the '05 YZ. I think the rims are the same though!

Get the yosh system!

:applause: Thanks alot! System is on the way!


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