Riding near Ft. Campbell Ky

I am moving from where I live in Alabama up to Ft. Campbell in Kentucky in about a month. I heard that there was a motocross track on the base but any info I found on it seemed old. Does anyon know if still exist`s? Are there any other tracks nearby? I am trying to find any information I can about where to ride before I move. Thanks for any help!

There are several good tracks in western Ky. Check out www.robin1grafix.com almost all of the tracks are listed there. There is another one in Lowes Ky near Paducah and one in Murray Ky. There maybe some others closer to Ft. Campbell, but I don't know of them. Also check out www.midsouthmx.com it is a Tennessee based site and there are some good tracks down there as well.

There is a track, or at least there used to be, in Paris, TN, about 1hr away. :applause:

Thanks for all the help, I`m going to check out those sites and see what I can find.

The Ft. Campbell track was closed 2 years ago. The closest best place to ride is 800mx park about 1/2 hour north. There are alot of tracks within about 2 hours but none local to Ft. Campbell/Clarksville/Hopkinsville.

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