Pants that fit with knee braces.

Old pants to narrow in the knee area. Can anyone suggest pants that fit?

my msr s fit.

Thor Core

try lbz

Moose Sahara and Moose XCR pants have wide legs! :applause:

I use Troy Lee Motos. They're over-the-pants but I installed heavy duty snaps so I can gather the legs at the bottom and eliminate snagging...SC

I would imagine any over the boot pants would work, my Shift Recon's have plenty of room.

Thors are very roomy. The Phase models are priced right too.

This might be a bit of topic, but I wear Asterisk knee braces and they chew up the pants / graphis / seat covers really quickly. I haven't searched TT extensively, but I found a few tips in case you use knee braces that are expecially harsh on gear (i.e. braces with hinges):

- Get pants with leather in the knee area.

- Put a neoprene "sock" around the knew brace.

- Glue or sew in a leather patch on the inside of the pants to prevent the brace hinges from rubbing right through the pants.

- Trim your seat foam in the tank/seat transition area where you knee can pinch seat cover material against the tank. OEM covers are probably more durable, but if you run some of the gripper seats (e.g. Factory Effex), they can pinch and tear in a ride or two.

Some threads where I found this info:

I wear Thor Phase pants and my braces tore them up quickly, so I just got a leather patch sewn on the inside of the pants. Haven't tried it yet. In one of the threads above, one of the members says that leather patches that are simply glued in with shoe glue work fine and last, but for $40CAD, the local shoe repair store sewd some patches in (material & labor) for me. Hopefully it will work well. BTW, I have the older Thor Phase (I think '03 or '04 model) and they fit, but they are tight around the Asterisk braces. The newer pants might be more roomy since braces are becoming more popular.

Thanks everyone especially Speedblitz for your input. Didn't think I'd get so many replies.I'm going to my local Cycle Gear so selection may be limited.

I wear don joy unloader braces on both sides . my shift recon pants fit great

as a plus they have pockets and zippered vents also they zip off at the knees.

good luck :applause:

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