check out reedy's new 450

Hot digitty damn that thing looks sweet. :applause: Who makes the pipe with the decepticon logo?

God damn that is sweet.

Ti bolts

Magnesium hubs

WB carbo pro with the low boy pipe

looks like 52mm works forks. Works shock

CF rear caliper guard

works from mastercylinder

oversized disc up front (looks like the GYTR 270mm)

Would love to know what they did to the internals of the motor

HHHHOOOOLLLLDDDD OOONNN, OK I'M DONE.... WOW that is F$#@%@G COOL I LOVE IT!!!!! WERE IS MINE???????? :applause::ride:

Nice bike. Gotta say. Of all of them, Ive always liked the look of the Yamahas more than my beloved CRF's.

I wonder if Yamaha says he has to ride a blue one?

The Yellow is soooooo nice...Gotta be the best looking production MX bike Ive ever seen.

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