Brand new 2006 YZ450F

My friend just bought the bike on Saturday and guess who was the first to ride it in the dirt... me :applause:

I have little experience with the big Yamaha and all that I can compare it to is the CRF450R, which I own. My first impression was, hey this bike starts, unlike my friends YZ426. It not that the YZ426 doesn't start, it just you have to know the recipe.

I am definitely not a fast rider... so take this review with a grain of salt. I thought the bike was awesome. We did have to rejet the bike, going from 165 to 170, which got rid of the flat spot. Also the suspension is a little harsh for my liking. It was much harsher than my CRF450 out of the box. I am sure I could have messed with the adjustments to get it better, but again it wasn't my bike. I only rode the bike for a couple hours and I can honestly say I will be looking at the Yamaha's when I decide to get a new bike. The only problem is it sure is blue :ride:

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