slight soot in exhaust

I noticed a slight amount of soot in the exhaust, if you wipe your finger in the tip it comes out black.I dont think I am running rich, the bike runs awsome, do your tailpipes have slight black coating in them?

I have been wondering the same thing, mine is a little sooty and i've been messing around with the adjustment but it seems to always have a little black on the tip when i'm done riding

My bikes the same. If anything it's running a little lean. I consider it (the soot) normal. I'm guessing alot of the soot comes from running a little on choke during warmup....

Pump fuel will leave soot. You want to see something really eye-opening? Shine a flashlight down a look at the soot in the pipe. The header is even worse. Hot water will disolve carbon (cold water too but it's slower). Take a cotton towell and tie a string around the middle. Get the inside of the header and the rag wet, put the string through and pull the rag through. Be amaized at how much stuff is in there. Chase the rag with water and a bunch more will come out. Repeat as long as you have patience for. :applause:

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