Well, had the longest day of work ever, cause I knew I was going to the dealership afterwards. Picked up the new addition to my family. Torqued everything and rode down the street, WOW it was that good.

Heres proof

here's those pics converted to .jpg ...

pic 1

pic 2

now where is mine?! :applause:

It doesnt work?

check the post i had before, edited to include links and i converted your pics to jpg format (much more web-friendly than bmp) - feel free to upload them to your site if you want. Not sure how long i'll keep them in my photobucket.

Thats awesome.. ...... Awesome bike!

I sprung for the little brother, the 2006 250F about a month ago. Looking at the head on the 450, man that thing is huge! I love my 250F...but man, Im jealous!


Congrats mummer!

WOW....that thing is purdy

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