should i...

buy a 99' WR400 that is not street legal but has a 426 bore for $2000? its my buddys bike but i haven't got a chance to go sit on it yet. i wear 28" long pants so i'm not sure on how i'll start and stop with out falling over lol. i had a quad cus i'm short but now i want a bike. what do you guys think?

How much expierence do you have starting fourstrokes. These older WRs had no auto decompression on the cam, you'll have to learn the starting drill. They're great bikes but maybe not the best for your first bike....

the only 2 bikes with kickstarts i've ridden were a 72 suzuki 90 and a 87 suzuki 400 (2 stroke)

oh ya and a 05 trx450. weird cus you kick forward

That's a big bike for a first timer. If you can be patient to learn the rhythm of starting this beast, it is well worth it. I'm 5'-7" and have a 98 WR400. When I first started riding it, I fell over a lot on the trails by being in the wrong position when I stopped. :ride: I lowered the forks on the triple T's about 3/4" and shaved most of the foam off the seat, and now it is no longer a problem. :applause: Leverage is the key to controlling this bike, and you have to get it closer to the ground if you are going to enjoy it.

Also, if you want to spend $200, sells a lowering link for the rear shock. I didn't need it, but I've heard this also helps a ton. The price for that bike sounds pretty good. If he took care of it, you will happy with your investment. :p

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