free weight loss mods for our 450s

Nope, got it on Ebay brand new for 300 dollars :applause:

Ebay, rules! :ride:

good idea. it doesn't really matter how well the bike works. much more important that it be a few ounces lighter.

i bet you could save considerable weight by switching to wheels off a mini, like maybe a yz85 or something. then you could throw the starter lever away and just bump-start the bike. i like to machine the brake rotors to a smaller diameter and thickness. just think of all the weight savings that can be had.

leave off the seat

don't put engine oil in

drain the coolant

cut off one arm and 1 leg

ride w/o a helmet

shave the hair off your legs and crotch

pull all your teeth

the possibilities are limitless! :applause:

One last thing regarding your personal weight-savings technique; don't eat or drink anything for 3 days prior to the race. That would be good for another 5 pounds . . .

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