WR400 / 426 The good...the bad....???

Im new to the WR series, and am in need of knowledgeable advice.

Can you guys tell me of any weak links in these bikes ? Was the early ones (98 and 99) any troubles ?? What are the improvements as you go to the next newer years. Was the improvements significant? Im trying to decide if I can justify the additional cost of the newer models. A 450 is to pricey for my budget.....but I dont know if the difference between a older 98 vs say, a 2000 is technically improved to the degree to make any difference ??

PLEASE HELP....I got the thumpin itch...but want to make a educated decision?

Thanks Tizzer :applause:

The 98 through 2002 400/426 are basically the same.

Differrent rear wheel in '99

slightly differnt frame in 00

integrated hot start in 00

bigger bore and larger small end bearing in 01 w'426

titanium valves in 00 --- some like the steel valves better.

slightly diff swingarm and linkage in 02

Basically the same bike though.

Very reliable if a touch overweight for a race bike.

Both are pretty bullet proof. IMO the best of the group is the 02 wr426 :applause:

I agree....My 02 WR426 has not had a problem I didn't create. It has way more power then I will ever need.....however I did have the suspension revalved for my weight and riding style......That just made it all the better though. :applause:

In my opinion, I would go for an '01 or '02 WR426 (or an '00 WR400 if you can't find a 426). The improvements they made starting in 2000 made the bikes much better (I have a '99). The 426s are the best of all the WRs if you ask me. Down and dirty off-road bikes without all the refinements of the 450s. A bit overbuilt so they should last a long time. Gobs of power and very reliable if well maintained. Regular oil and filter changes are a must on these bikes. If one has been neglected pass it up.

Thanks guys !! :applause: Keep the info coming !!

What were the improvements that were made in 2000 ?? I seem to recall something about a update that improved the clutch or something .

Is the suspension the same between the 98 & 99 verses a 00 model ? :ride:

Thanks Tizzer

Great bike, plenty of ripping power. Too top heavy though.

If you're looking at 98-02, I'd go with the 426 as suggested. The improvements while slight do add up and the bike flat out romps.

Too top heavy though.

The Zip TY low boy tank helped a touch with that.

Awesome bike,plenty of power,seat a little bit hard on long rides otherwise

the WR is bulletproof.

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