Anyone ridden the 06 WR450 AND the 06 YZ450??

I am very interested in a new bike. I was sold on the 06 WR 450 (I have an 03 WR450). However, I keep reading abou the newest superbike... the 06 YZ450. It is supposed to be a Works bike right out of the box. I am leaning that direction... but I hate giving up the green sticker and the e-start.

The reason I want to trade up my 03 WR is because:

1) It is heavy and it FEELS heavy. Even worse... it's top heavy.

2) It doesn't nail the desert whoops nearly as well as a MX bike.

3) It is an 03.

My WR is a very competent bike. It handles technical terrain very well despite its weight. But it just doesn't like to hit big whoops or jumps hard at all. I am not an MXer, but I am exited about the incredible reviews of the new YZ. If anyone has ridden both, I'd like to hear your assessment of how much of a pig the 06 WR is compared to the new YZ. It looks like they are going to cost about the same (the YZ may be a bit more expensive after adding kickstand, larger tank, etc.) so cost isn't really the issue.

Thanks for any opinions...


You better look at the YZ. There is not that much difference in the new WR's to make it feel as light as the new aluminum frame YZ. :applause:

You better look at the YZ. There is not that much difference in the new WR's to make it feel as light as the new aluminum frame YZ. :applause:

The differences are huge!!!

I bought one of the first 2003 WR450F's sold in San Diego. I rode it for 2 1/2 years and thousands of miles, including San Felipe to Cabo San Lucas

(virtually ALL DIRT not pavement), all over Northern Baja, Mexico, the SoCal desert and in Utah (Paiute and Great Western Trails). It was a great bike that was top heavy, as well as heavy in the front, and was too tall even for my 6Ft frame and 32In inseam. Also, the suspension was too stiff, even after professional suspension work was completed ---$$$$.

I have 60 miles on my 2006 WR450F, all in the SoCal desert --- first break in rides. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! The bike is light in the front end, steers and turns better than the 2003 and does not feel top heavy, even with the Acerbis 3.4 Gal tank installed. It has plush stock suspension (for a savings of hundreds of dollars in after market suspension work) throughout the travel and the best part is the bike is 1In lower, so I can touch the ground when I need to. It starts much better cold when compared to my 2003, and after incorporating all of the GYT-R AIS Removal Kit modifications to the timing, carburation, and exhaust, it is a rocket ship. I like this bike, as well as the 2003, with a 52 tooth rear sprocket versus the stock 50 tooth sprocket, because I think the bike with stock gearing goes too fast in fifth gear to be useable and first gear isn't low enough for the type of tight trail riding with two track roads mixed in that I usually ride on. Even geared 14 X 52, the bike will go 65 down the pavement.

Go for the WR vs the YZ in my opinion. Aluminum frames are fine for motocross, but you need some flex in the frame for offroad riding. Also if you crack or bend that aluminum frame, there is NO REPAIR --- ask a Honda owner. Finally, why would anyone give up the magic E start button!!!

I just got the new yzf 250, the bitchen yellow one. I think I will keep my 2005 wr 450 also, so i have the green and red sticker. There is nothing wrong with the steel frames, look at KTM, that is still all they use and have been very succesful against all the new aluminum frames.

Hello BajaFool,

What is the modification to do to get the throttle to response all the way?

Is it to unscrew a little part 61 SCREW

5TJ-14591-10-00 ?

Comet250, Yes #61 Screw, P/N 5TJ14591-10-00 in the 2006 WR450F parts catalog is the Throttle Stop. The YZ Throttle Stop is P/N 5JG-14591-00-00. To access the Throttle Stop on the 2006 bike, look at the right-hand side of the carburetor as seen facing forward on the bike. Locate an access cover that is L shaped and held on with two allen head bolts. Remove the bolts and access cover. Inside the cover you will find an allen head bolt, that is the Throttle Stop, back it out. It is tough to get at, some people use an allen wrench with a ball end on it. I used a little short allen wrench and just took my time.

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