Does anyone know of a bar/restaurant in the Ocotillo area called Blue Inn? I'm supposed to meet some people out there, but I'm not sure where it's at. I've only been there once before and I came in through S22 on the Salton Sea side. Thanks in advance.

It's right next to the San Filipe Wash bridge. If you are on the 78 you can't miss it! It now sports a cell tower or something with a light on top. Makes a great landmark.

We'll be camping off of Cahuilla Trail as well. Have fun and be safe!

Thank you for the directions. They worked out great. It's just too bad that it was so damned windy out there.

Roger That!

Thurs & Friday were wonderful but The wind really started to rip late Friday night! We split on Saturday. I thought we had the wind beat but, I drove out to Glen Helen for a race on Sunday and on the way there I thought my 5X8 utility trailer with my brand spanking new KXF450 was going to blow away!

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