06 YZ450 as a desert bike

I am in the market for a new bike. I have never owned an MX bike as I do not ride tracks. I ride desert and trails. However, the incredible reviews of the 06 YZ450 have me thinking that this may be a good desert/trail bike as well.

Do any of you early owners ride anything other than tracks? I'd love to hear some input about the new YZ other than how it is a great MXer.


Sorry not a 450 owner but a 426 owner. I use my YZ strictly for trail riding. After riding a couple different trail bikes, I decided to stick with MX style. The power delievery is completely different and I enjoy how fast my YZ revs. Suspension wise, the front of my bike beats the crap out of me but I can handle it.

If it matters for you, remember the YZ450 is not a green sticker bike.

If it matters for you, remember the YZ450 is not a green sticker bike.

I know it isn't. I would prefer a green sticker... but I have yet to run into a situation where it really matters.


Jim bo, although its not a 450, my 426 is the most versatile bike I've owned. I ride So Cal tracks, trails, and desert, and this bike rocks in any situation. On the track its a little porky, but I can hold my own against any 450. I was in Cal City last weekend and this bike shines out there. Next to an XR, this bike is the most reliable out there. I've owned two 426s and I've never had to adjust valves once, they're always in spec. I like the fact that all I have to worry about is changing oil and cleaning filters, the rest of my time is spent riding. Plus it's green sticker :applause:

As much as I love my 426 (and I'd hate to get rid of it), that new aluminum framed YZ 450 has my mouth watering.... :ride:

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