SRC fork brace question

I've been looking at the SRC fork brace for my XR650R. Anyone running one on there bike I'd like to get some feed back. Thanks :applause:

Have it on my 01R,pricey but nice,very good improvement to handling of the big BRP, also you need to buy his guard kit too

SRC brace has worked well for me in the rocks and roots where I ride. No twist or deflections. I didn't use the fork guards as they are POS (IMO).

There are other less expensive braces available. I'm fairly sure they all perform about the same.

SRC brace is awesome, You can mob through the heaviest terrain with ease,add Scott's forward mount and you are Johnny Campbell........ :ride: the guards have worked fine for me w/ the skins.................. :applause:

I will second the notion that the SRC guards are a POS setup. The brace and the seal savers that the braces come with aren't however. I recently crashed my 650 and bent my front axle. Thought I had totalled my right fork too. Not the case as the forks were straight. I'd say that's due to the brace keeping the 2 legs in line. The handling is there. It's more of a motorcycle concept but works the same on dirtbikes. When on the road and a corner comes up the forks tend to give in the corners and cause the bikes to have uneven weight distribution. This keeps the legs in line and aids in handling.

Thanks for the feedback on the SRC fork brace I'm going to order a set on Friday. I ordered the Scott set up the other day. My father in law dropped my RC-51 in the driveway :applause: I had to order the part for that so I added in a few part for my XR650 at the same time. My wife can't complain right now I've only had the RC for 2 weeks.

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