Traffic lights can't see blue...

I just ordered one. For $7.95 to my door it's worth a try. I'll let you know how it works.


Right on, someone's gotta be the quinea pig. It sure looks like a scam though. Anytime you see stuff like this:

"The Green Light Trigger has enabled me to take back the streets!"

Patrick L, Suzuki GT750

All I can say is, where's Ron Popiel on this one??

dude, i about pissed my pants when i read that testimonial!!! "take back the streets??" like he has been trapped inside his home since red lights went up in his town!! what a loser!! but now he is the red light vigilante!!

mike, let us know if it helps you to take back the street!!

No sheettt!!!! It reminded me of that hideous infomercial starring that dumb beyatch with the big teeth. You know her, she's the one that can't negotiate a freaking bag of frozen corn in her kitchen. You know, she's wrestling to get the damn thing open when BLAM!!! She pulls the bag apart at supersonic speed, spraying frozen corn as far as the eye can see. You'd think she was trying to break rusty lugnuts off a '32 Ford!!! Come freakin on...

Anyway, the "testomonial" was so stupid, I don't even remember what she was selling. She kinda looks like she'd be Elway's sister and I have seen her pimpin those cell phone boosters that let you make calls in elevators. Some people will buy anything... jpshakehead.gif

[This message has been edited by big_G (edited September 27, 2001).]

G, the stratle method has always worked for me, even on dirt bikes :) . If it dose not work for you, and based on the very valid street bike starter cycle theroy, try turning your head light switch off and on, the current of the light may induce a field from the stator. A tripping device could be made from simple wire wound around an iron or steel object, like an axle bolt attached low on the frame. You would need to put a switch on it and just hit it to get a mag field up. The big problem here is we dont have a battary on the WR so we have to work with in the limits of the light coil wattage :D . That may not be enough. An electronic L C resonat ossilator could be made very simple to amplify and alternate the filed, this could work VERY well,,, hmmmmmm, maybe Ill go take back the road!!! :D .

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