7 gallon tanks and overheating

I'm negotiating to buy to buy a second BRP ... and it has an IMS 7 gallon tank (the rad shrouds are part of the tank). Are there any overheating issues associated with 7 gallon tank?

The "legs" of the tank are so long..... how does the gas in the left leg of the tank reach the petcock in the right leg of the tank?

No overheating problems with IMS 7.0 gal tank and I have never done the thermostat mod. They use a vacuum powered fuel pump to lift gas up to small chamber near petcock. I needed 7.0 for run from Watson Lake, Yukon Terr to Inuvick with distances between gas up to 240 miles. Tank is bulky and bike would be a handfull in anything gnarly but was great on the easy dirt and gravel roads we ran. I had Precision Concepts re spring and re valve front end for the weight of gas, tool pouch under headlight, and loaded tank panniers.

Thanks... that's encouraging. Any problems with shifts in c/g with half-full tank?

Im looking at getting the acerbis 6gal and I too had the same question. Many thanks

Any problems with shifts in c/g with half-full tank?

There will be no noticeable difference in weight distribution with 1/2 tank even though 3.0 gal in the 7.0 IMS will be much lower than 3.0 gal in some other tank. You will notice the overall size of the 7.0 between your knees. This was not objectionable for me on easy dirt roads but for any ride with single track or gnarly/rocky conditions I would be installing narrower tank. If you are thinking of running the 7.0 all the time with 1/2 tank or less then I don't think you will like it. Just get another IMS everyday tank.

Good advice. The 4.3 gal. Clarke on my first XR-R is easy to live with ... and an absolute necessity for a 100 mile ride. Even full, the tank is not that different from stock.

I'm still hunting for a longer fuel line "elbow"... the Clarke petcock is about half an inch more distant from the carb line than stock. I've got hose clamps on the stock elbow now, which works OK, but not ideal.

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