1986 XR600R rear tire recommendation


I just purchased a 1986 XR600R and the knobby on the back is a bit on the

threadbare side. Does anyone have a suggestion of a good durable replacement


well nothing will last to long depending on the conditions you ride ,i will take just about any take off from a mx-er and run it, most of the used one i get people wont have but i like the price FREE. just keep looking around maybe the junk pile behind your local shop.

Thanks for the suggestion of using a used tire but I plan to buy a new tire. The one on the back is serviceable but it is a bit worn in the center and I desire to have max traction when I take this beast out for my first ride on it. Since I'm an old guy, I want to start with easy stuff and work into the harder stuff at a later date. My purpose for purchasing this bike is to have a bike that I can use for hunting in the Washington north Cascade mountains. I'll need to get comfortable with this bruiser before I take it on our favorite ORV trail to hunt monster mule deer. The trail is not an easy trail to navigate due to a large number of switchbacks and some fairly steep terrain. There are a couple of places where one mistake will produce a rather long drop to the next point of contact with the earth...

Anyway, my shoulderblade is killing me so I have to close for now. I think

I pulled a muscle or a tendon during my first and last ride on a Honda Fat




choices are limited in the 17 inch rear tire. You should look at Dunlop D606, Kenda trackmaster II, Pirelli MT21, and the IRC V33.

I'll second the Kenda Trackmaster II....very durable, long lasting, inexpensive...plus it's DOT approved (if your bike is street-legal).

Do you know of a vendor that stocks 17" tires of that type. So far, my

internet search has failed to find one. I did find a Dunlop 606 that was

130/90 - 17. The tire that's on it is a 4.6 - 17...I presume that the 130/90

would work since it's only about 1/2" wider traction surface. I presume

that the 130 is the width of the traction surface in millimeters and the

90 is the height in millimeters?


Bob East

Rocky Mountain, Chaparral

130/90-17 is the right size - same as a 5.10-17.

Rocky Mountain, Chaparral

130/90-17 is the right size - same as a 5.10-17.

You can even go as big as a 5.30-17, but it may rub your chain guard a little. I'm running a Bridgstone M22 that is wearing exceptionally well and seems to be a decent hard terrain tire. It does not like sand that much though.

I have the Pirelli mt 21 and it gives up way to soon for me, straight line traction is okay but any throttle in a turn , hold on . just my 2 cents

I used to run Cheng Shin C-760s on my '85 XR350, and a buddy used them on his '86 XR600, they are kind of heavy but wear well, provide great traction and I even ran one flat for 25 miles once with no tire damage....tube...., well it was kind of sticky.

Ive been running a cheng shen 755 5.30x17 with no clearance problems on my 87 xr600. I weigh about 260lbs and It has held up surprisingly well. Its soft enough to climb rocks without blowing off lugs and seems to grip very well in a variety of terrain. I will have to dismount and reverse the tire but I think I can get one more season out of it. You are limited on what you can run with a 17. I was surprised how well the cheng holds up and its not expensive.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for all the suggestions. I've found a mail order source for the

Kenda Trackmaster II and the Dunlop D606. I'm going to try the Dunlop

first and if I still have the bike when the tire wears out, I'll try the Kenda.

The area that I will be riding it most is a mix of rock and soil with a couple

of rocky outcroppings. The trail is a USFS ORV trail in a national forest.

It has a number of switch-backs that are fairly short radius but traction

enhancers made from concrete lattis squares have been placed at the

nastier corners and in some of the softer areas. So, I plan to get the

rear tire changed, get a bike trailer and get familiar with this big beast.

I'm an old guy (55 years old) so I'm not really interested in the speed.

I'm more interested in the handling and the comfort of a larger bike.

Once I get the trailer, I'll be using it for scouting the areas I plan to

hunt next year. It'll reduce the wear and tear on my big Dodge Cummins

Diesel Ram 2500 Quad-cab 4X4...


Bob East

Stop! Buy the VE33 from rockymountainmc.com These tires are awesome for WA woods riding and are the best bang for the buck. I have used them on my old XT200, XR600, and my YZ426. You will not be sorry!

My 426 had a Trakmaster 2 when I got it and the tire was worthless in the woods. In addition, it was worn within 4 rides.

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