ARC MX220V Boots

I want to buy a new pair of boots. Has anybody tried these? If so, how are they holding up? And how are the sizes compared to other boots? I ususally wear a 9½, so I mostly have to wear 10's. All the other ARC stuff I've ordered seems to be big


i have heard that they are of good quality and a good value, but not much else.

Rocky Mountain seems to offer very nice stuff. I have not heard much negative about any of their stuff. I havent tried the boots though, I love my SG10's way too much. :applause:

I agree on the Gaerne SG10's - Damn fine boots , even if they are a bit on the expensive side , but then again it's like choosing Helmets - $10 Helmet for a $ 10 Dollar Head - $10 Boots for .....- I'm sure you get the picture .Don't be shy , when choosing your kit , rather spend more and get the quality stuff .

I had been an Alpinestars man all my life, then I tried a pair of Gaerne SG-10's. They were like putting on a pair of house slippers in comparison. The Gaerne's are the best boots I've ever tried. Mine required zero break-in time and the buckle mechanism is the best I've ever seen. I got mine on eBay for a little under $200, so keep an eye out. They're worth twice that much!..SC

thanks for all your input looked at sg10s nice boots but are spendy maybe look on ebay


For the record, i also wear SG10's....because i like my feet and ankles.

thanks for all your input looked at sg10s nice boots but are spendy maybe look on ebay


I'll jump in too and say my SG10s are way better than my old Fox boots. But then again, my Fox boots were so old, they were the ones with the purple booties inside (remember those?).

But the SG10s do feel like they would protect your ankle. Very rigid where its needed, but flexible where you need to move. Trying is believing. I hate buying gear like that from a magazine; I want to try it on before I spend that kind of dough. For me it was either the SG10s or the Sidi Force SRS boots. Both boots people had LOTS of good things to say (I did an extensive search on the forums here), and quite a few people complained about broken ankles when wearing Alpinestars. I found one dealer who sold SG10s in my area, and had a pair in stock. The closest Sidi dealer was 150miles away.... So SG10s it was!

I have to say though, Thumpertalk in invaluable in this regard - you have LOTS of people here who don't get kick backs from the manufacturer for recommending their stuff *cough* magazines *cough*. So you usually get a true evaluation from people on here. If I had never read Thumpertalk, I may have bought a pair of Alpinestars instead... Why? Cuz they're marketed like crazy - its all I see and hear about. I've never seen a banner for Gaerne at the races.

I got fox forma pro's. The most comfortable boots I have ever had. Very well built and tough. They have saved my shin's and ankle's many a time.

My girl's fox tracker's are pretty much the same, but lots cheaper. Probably the best value boot out there.

With the fox sizing, everyone with them I know (including me) had to go 1 size bigger.

I bought an ARC chest Protector, needless to say its poor quality and started to fall apart the first day I used it.

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