83 xl600r - compatible with XR tank?

I might be acquiring a low-mileage XL600r in a couple days, but only if I can replace the sad little gas tank it comes with. I'd like to not have to fill up every 75 miles or so, thanks.

So is it possible to use a tank from the same era XR, or does someone actually make a replacement tank? I've done a lot of googling, and I can't seem to find anyone who makes a large tank for the XL-R.

Also, has anyone here fabricated/modded a desert tank? How hard/reliable is it to plastic weld polyethylene?

If any one will have it,it will be clarke

I had that exact bike and with the stock tank it would go 130 miles before you hit reserve. The stock tank is larger than you think.

3.2 Gal Stock Tank X 40-45 Mpg = 127 Miles.

I guess I'm just spoiled. My SV does better than 210 miles before it goes dry, and I like road trips.

You know what would be kind of cool, though? A rear universal auxiliary tank like Acerbis makes, only with a rear rack integrated. Bolt it to the back fender and you gain 1.6 gallons -and- something to strap things to. Think anyone would be interested? I have some friends who are pretty good at fabricating stuff.

I had that exact bike and I put a Clarke on it. Fit perfect and I think it was a 3.6 gal. maybe?

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