661 Full Race Jacket Question

Do any of you guys wear the under jersey 661 Full Race Jacket? If so, what do you think of it?

i had one but sold it cause it was 2 small around my arms it was good but i love my rockgarden jacket(theres a review i think in the products section of this forum) vents a hell of alot better nvrmind the fact that they make size up 2 xxxl im 6,2 260 wish some jackets had rib protection thats a feature i would love as far as the 661 goes is a very good vest but i would look at other options see what suits u best

There fantastic order one size larger than you think you need. You should wear t-shirt under them.

Now we are talking about the same roost guard aren't we. I'm not talking about a full 661 Pressure Suit or a similar Rock Garden with arms and all that. I'm talking about the lite under jersey roost guard that also has some padding in the back.

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