need to lower this thing !!!

Need some help all !!! 05 wr450 can only tip toe and do alot of desert and single track slow technical stuff would feel sooo much better if I could get alittle more foot on the ground especially on the hillclimb half way up kicked off the trail type stuff looked for seat option, any others ?????

For my 02 wr250, I bought handlebar risers for the front handlebars and that got the front end an extra inch of room for the fork tubes to slide up and lower the front. Also Mountain Motorsports makes a lowering link for the rear But I havent installed one yet.

I found the seat cutting and front tubes to be enough for now and I'm 5'4" with only 27" of inseam. I use mine for tight forest trail stuff in the Northwest.

There's a thread on the 250F forums about the lowering link. I've got one on my fiancee's 250F and it works great.

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