Choke and Acerbis tank

I got my Acerbis 3.3 tank today and waisted no time getting it on. I really like the tank.

A couple of questions, does anyone have trouble with their choke hitting the tank. I think that mine will pull out all the way but I know that it hits. Also has anyone noticed if their aluminum insert on the gas cap leaks? Like a dummy I filled my tank up ATW and noticed it seeping a little. I tightened the allen bolts really tight and I think it stopped. I will just have to remember to not top it off.

I thought that I could get the WR shrouds to work but no way. I had to order the YZ shrouds.

Also what kind of mileage should I expect.

On my '05, initially the choke hit, but would usually stay pulled out. Then I crashed and broke half of the button off and now it doesn't hit at all. :applause: The farthest I've gone with mine is 80 miles, but I didn't have to go on reserve, but I'm sure I was close. If I had to guess at the total range, I'd say it was close to 100 if you weren't MX'ing things. Also, the warmer the weather, the better the mileage as you'll be running leaner than in the cold. The '05 bikes were the first year of the 450's where the shrouds are the same for the YZ and WR, so mine worked with the tank...SC

I got 76 miles out of my stock 04 WR450 tank and wasn't even on reserve yet

Choke touches when pulled out but that is OK. :ride:

Fixes for the tank: :p

Pull up the aluminum cap and cut the 0-ring and remove some material.

Gasoline swells the o-ring and fuel leaks around the aluminum. Cut it to the right length and silicone seal it in and the entire face under the aluminum flange.

Throw away the plastic Y and put on a brass one.

Supplied fuel line is too short for proper dual petcock routing. buy 3 feet of the good rubber fuel line.

Wrap heat shield material around the first few inches of the fuel line from the right side petcock.

Put anti-seize on the threads of the right side petcock.

Silicone seal in the new petcocks.

Be prepared to have the left side plastic fuel lever break off the petcock during enduro tight woods riding. I replaced the left side petcock with a stock unit and a round Zip - Ty knurled knob fuel selector. :applause:

There are no threads or metal inserts in the tank for the petcock. It came with small drilled holes and four self tapping screws, that was another thing I thought was cheap. The last Clarke I had had the inserts just like the factory tank.

As far as breaking the petcock. Tight woods is all I ride so I guess I better get a spare or use my factory petcock.

Thanks for the info.

I haven't had my lever break just yet, but I can see how it is vulnerable. I wonder if the Zip-Ty knob will work with the Acerbis petcock without having to replace it with an OEM vesion...SC

......Acerbis...............................................................Stock w/ Zip-Ty


That would be much better. I would assume(I know what they say) that it would be the same. I think the only issue on the petcock is how high the reserve tube rises. Maybe :applause:

The fuel line that is supplied with the Acerbis tank is too short and is 6mm(maybe 7mm ?), which works OK on their 7mm fittings. This line is too small to fit the Yamaha 8mm fittings --- its going to crack at the worst possible time for you. Go to the Yamaha shop or a GOOD motorcyle accessory shop and get thin wall 8mm motorcycle fuel line to connect your new tank. I checked several auto parts stores and they only carried thick wall 8mm tubing, it looked like it was going to be too hard to use and the little "scissors style" hose clamps that Yamaha uses were too small to fit over it. Also, you will need to buy extra clamps from Yamaha when you use 8mm hose, because you wil make several new connections over the stock layout and the Acerbis supplied clamps are too small to fit 8mm hose.

The Zip Ty knob will not work with the acerbis petcock. I tried it before using the stock petcock. :ride:

I use small threaded bolt hose clamps with thick rubber fuel hoses. the clamps are very small and use a phillips head to tighten the screw. Ideal for removing the tank from the frame for service. :applause:

I have never had a issue with the choke knob with my acerbis tank, close but doesn't touch. I went 119 miles on a ride this summer and was not on reserve yet. I replaced the Y fitting with a T fitting. It seemed to line up better. I too found that the supplied fuel line was both too small in diameter AND too short.

I used clear fuel line and for clamps I used small zip ties. I will probably have to change the line this coming spring as the clear line has a tendency to get hard. I just might go and buy the stock type fuel line.


I also broke half my choke knob off after a crash. It would hit the tank when pulled out but would stay out.

The Ascerbis Tank gets me at least 100 miles :applause:

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