New 250x owner!

Well I finally got it.

A new '05 250X. The local dealer couldn't get an '06 until february, so I opted to save some thousands of dollars and go for the '05 they had in stock.

Took it for a 5 minute ride yesterday afternoon after work. She's a beautiful machine.

The bike shop took the baffle out of the exhaust, and also another restrictor.

Only concern was there was a small bog at low rpm. I have yet to ride it with the baffle back in to confirm, but would this be a jetting issue?

I think I'll leave the baffle in to make it a little quieter.

Looking forward to getting some more ride time soon.


Congrats Jason on the new ride, my bike had no bog but it was totally eliminated with jetting, it has not faulted with the change of seasons or riding areas yet. The other restrictor was a very big washer at the front of the header that u got removed.

Yep, that would be it. He gave it back to me in the box with all other spares that come with it.

We'll see how it goes anyway.

Just a quick question, do you know any decent riding places around the area?

I'll probably be going out to Louee near Mudgee a bit.

Damn thats a fine place. 150km of trails, some VERY challenging, motox track etc...

I'd like a similar place but a bit closer to home.


Is the washer an Australian thing?

This is what I did to my 05 Cali model:

Opened up airbox.

99108-MEB-0550 #55 leak jet

99103-440-0420 #42 slow jet

99101-357-1500 #150 main jet

Kouba link T-handle pilot screw (this, or one like it, is a must with an X)

I also replaced the float bowl screws with allen head screws for easier removal the next time. The screw on the right side is still hard to access, so I replaced it with a hex head. Way simpler to remove the float bowl, than having to take the carb off IMO.

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