cross country trip-where to go?

hey khris, if it is so good then why are you on the f-in computer? you guys and all of your places to ride, you make me sick!! well we have places to ride here too ya know. 2 foot drop offs (curbs), nasty braking bumps (speed bumps), and canyons that carve through the landscape (gutters). come on over and play with us, it's so much fun you might even try some of the dune jumping we have (piles of sand in the gutter from the winter).

greg and mike68-i would love to go but right now it is football season and all of the fat guys want their directv installed so i am busy as a suzuki mechanic right now!!

Cmom Bones, Im from West Virgina and IM going to Moab this November from the 5th to the 10th. Its nice that time of year...


'01 TTR 125L(wifes) 2000 DRZ E

IMS 4.2gal tank, DSP frame protectors, DSP fork guards, Acerbis DHH Light, Renthal Bars, Yosh Full Race Ti system, Topeak computer setup, 13 front sprocket, WER Skidplate, Thumper Racing Radiator braces/guards, Moose Handguards with Deflectors, WER Steering stabilizer, Scotts Shark Fin, watter wetter. Brake light wiring conversion, Need suspension done...and many more to come.... Where is the kickstart on this thing....

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