D.I.D. silent timing chain vs. stock?

whats up everybody. i got one for ya. im replacing my timing chain on my 03' yz450f bacause it was making alota noise. well my buddy is replacing his also on his 03' quadsport z400. he is going with a DID silent chain ($79.99) and i am going with a stock yamaha chain ($14.99). should i go with the silent???

I've never heard of D.I.D's silent chain but why don't you give it a try and let us know if it makes a difference.

I thought the Yamaha OEM chain was the only chain available?

OEM chains have been fine so you can't go wrong with one of those, Feel free to drop $80 if you like but please let us know how it works if you do.

did that quite it down. how do you like the rekluse and hot cams. im installing intake and exhaust hot cams while im doing the timing chain and putting an off road gyt-r flywheel on. let me know!!!

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