Which stainless front brake line to get???

I want to replace my stock 2004 Yz 450f front brake line with a stainless aftermarket for less sponginess from the stock line. I had heard Galfer's are really nice, but some people say their fittings are weak, and prone to damage.

What other brands are recommended?? and is the CR style worth going to, or is it a unnecessary modification??



i have a venhill standard length and routing front hose it works awsome, and the fittings are holding up well. :applause:

Thanks for the replies guys, I will check them out....



I have the Galfer on my bikes.You mid as well get the CR style since your replacing the line.

Fastline & Galfer both are fine

Dont buy a Galfer or Russel line. The fittings will break off the line. First ride broke a Galfer line and I did not even fall on the brake side!

Get a Fastline. It has the best fittings, much like the OEM units. WB sells them.

Matt, I agree 100 percent. The Galfer line has weak fittings. Ride Engineering was cool about and offered to fix my line for 30 bucks. I declined. Mine broke when my arm bumped into it for crying out loud. The Fastline replacement has been through hell and is still working fine.

Moose brake lines are made by Venhill and work well for me so far.

I'm leaning toward getting this "kit" so I have everything I need, and won't have to retro-fit anything.....


What's your opinions on this setup???

Does anyone know of a cheaper site for the same product??



I bought the MSR from rocky mountain for 47 buck but when you open it up it says Galfer on it so it looks like Galfer subcontacts it out to MSR. I was pleased with the price and very pleased with the better performance.

Dr.D makes a good line has good fittings and haven't had a problem with the 4-5 lines Ive had. :applause:

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