Brake rotors - what do you suggest?

I have ordered new Excel rims with Talon hubs for my new 450F. I want to have a full replacement set ready for winter with spike tires. Which brake rotors do you suggest?

EBC oversized front

Standard rear

Braking wave rotors.

Braking wave rotors.

I 2nd this......their oversized wave rotor front kit is trick and works phenomenal...rear rotor works great to...trick part is their pads SM15 and 44's

Thanks guys, I will go for standard sized rotors though, since I want a quick and easy wheel swap without adaptors and having to invest in a double set. Any other suggestions? Maybe I'll try this, any experiences?

Some of the trickest stuff out right now!

They will set you up!


2 bolts would hold you back from awsome braking

from an oversized rotor???Check out Titax rotors!

Go BIG or stay home! :applause:

Oversized rotors can be a pain to deal with/install....they are also very expensive. I would suggest going with a Galfer "wave" rotor that improves braking power and lengthens the life of your brake pads without emptying your wallet. Cost is $165.

EBC oversized rotors are $150 retail... $125 from my dealer & they install as easy as a regular rotor.

Thanks, I'll stay home and buy Galfer. :applause:

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