where to get yz plastic kits for a 98wr400

hi guys,

can pls tell me where to get cheap yz plastic kits like fenders

& stuff for a 98wr400,

my son's wr4 needs a makeover,

had wanted to change to a red, orange or green,

but no way, blue is still the best,


I got new fenders (YZF) & radiator shrouds from Acerbis. Cant recall prices but it wasnt to $$

Just ordered black number plate stickers and a YZF front number plate from E-Bay. Total was under $50. Looking for YZF graphics kits for tank/shrouds, found some on Ebay aswell. They run about $45.

With everything, the bike should come out looking newer, and all the old blue plastics with white creases will be gone!

Good luck! Post pics when you're done :applause:

my son used acerbis b4,

they seem to fade within a short time,

would like to try other brand,

maybe yellow or black,


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