mobil 1, 5 50w (all I can get)

the only mobil 1 I can get here in Australia is 5 50w. is this going to cause any dramas as I see you all use 15 50 ????

ta Jezza

If it says "energy conserving" on the round "seal" on the back of the bottle, it may cause clutch slippage. If you can find that one, surely the others must be available somewhere. You want the red cap one, 15W-50.

See if you can find either Amsoil,Torco or Motul four stroke motorcycle oil.IMHO better than the Mobil 1,but probably more expensive. Just my 2 cents.

Why don't you use Mobil 1 4T 15W50 or MX4T 10W40? they are both motorbike specific oil and are designed with friction modifiers to be compatible with wet clutches. Contact the Mobil help line or your local Mobil distributor on how to get them. I would not recommend using Mobil 1 5W50 or any other automotive oil in your bike. There is a difference between MC and car oil! Think about how much stress your oil goes through lubricating your engine, and then the stress it sees while working in the transmission! Brutal.

I use the Mobil 1 4T and find it at a lot of motorbike shops here in Oz (Melbourne)

Its the Mothers Milk of oil for your thumper.

Best stuff I've found is the Motul oil. Use their 10/40 synthetic. Works great, haven't worn out a clutch in 20 races, and my YZ 250F shifts better than new.

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