failing cdi...

What are some symptoms of a failing or bad CDI??? I believe it is my problem.

Have you checked all the sensors?

A CDI is solid state, it cant wear out. It can however just go.

There is a great chance it is not your cdi that is the problem as I went throught the same thing and it turned out to be a melted piston.

Heres what you do:

if its good then move on to the next step

Check spark

Check all couplers and leads

Check Engine stop button

Check Ignition coil

Check the magneto coils

Check the nutral switch (doesnt matter so much as ppl just unplug it)

And finaly if None of these are out of spec then you replace the CDI

But dont be a dumbass like me and buy one unless you are absolutely 100% certain the problem doesnt lie in the fuel system or the motor.

My problem turned out to be a melted piston and stumped the hell out of me cause it still had compression. So I bought a big gun rev box cause I was almost certain that was it and it wasnt blew 130 bucks.

Let me know if you need to know the specs on the coils and such.

If it's not starting or starting hard check valves to rule them out.

I believe it is my problem.

perhaps i would be easier if we new your problem to? :applause:

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