I had 1 loose valve

I checked my valve clearances and 1 of the intake valves was about .001 loose above the max allowable clearance.It must have been that way since new.That side of the bike always seemed to make a little more noise especially when it was being lugged.I could also tell the bucket had a few more scratches on it than the others.The scratches were nothing I could feel just see.I shimmed it tighter and will test it soon.Just goes to show you it didnt do any damage but that little bit extra did show signs of the bucket moving around more than the others.the cam lobe on that valved looked the same as the others (no damage)

I did notice the cam cap journal at the right side of the bike (intake cam) did have slight scratches on it from turning around, they were very fine, I could barely feel it with my finger nail. is this normal?

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