Jetting.. once again..

Jetting.. once again.. Only a little problem.

Installed JD kit, zip ty screw, hotcams in/ex, and a FMFq slipon.

Everything works great.. Going with 170mj, blue needle 4th clip. The rest is stock.

But when i am riding at normal speeds on the road, say 40-50mph, the enginge miss a little.. Almost as a plug/spark problem.. Every 10-15`th second it get 1 little miss.. a little more throttle, and nothing`s wrong..

Great response as well..

Is it the needle that needs to be down/up 1 clip, or do i need to change pilot jets or something else?

Sounds like the TPS. Disconnect it and see if it goes away...SC

If the TPS does not work try the red needle on the 4th or 5th clip. I had studder problems with the blue at 4th and 3rd. After installing the red at 4 cleaned right up. Good luck.

Sounds like you are rich. Drop your needle 1 clip.

miss won't ever be tps

Thank you for great help! Dropped the needle 1clip, and adjusted fuel screm from 1 3/4 down to 1turn..

Much better!

Nice to hear!

Remember, rich will run rough like you experienced and lean will make it run like it is breathing real hard and won't pick up speed easily.

You have clipped the grey wire, right?

Is the White Bros pipe on my 01 426F compatible to place on a 05 WR 450?


Is the White Bros pipe on my 01 426F compatible to place on a 05 WR 450?


no, only '03 - '05 same.

I `ve got an european WR, so i don`t think the cutting of the grey wire would work on mine?


Just pull it out of the harness. Don't cut it. Wrap some electrical tape around it.

You can reconnect it up if it does nothing for you.

Hmm ok, i will look into some threads about it for locating it, and try cutting it..

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