Any east coast 450's yet?

Central Texas Powersports in Georgetown, Tx as had a yellow 450 on the floor for a couple of weeks now, with no takers, saw it last Saturday. 512-948-9922

Now only if the above shop would do a dealer trade with my dealer here in Pa? :applause: After all they havent moved the bike yet and mine is alreadt bought but has yet to arrive. :cry: Nahhh never mind I dont want the yellow one. :bonk::cry:

Im getting my bike from Millennium Cycle, the owner told me his first batch will be 2 bikes and my name is on one of them. Right now were both playing the waiting game. Of all states why does PA have to be the last to get a bike :applause:

I bet PA dealers have the highest number of leftover 2004's & 2005's in the country. Yamaha is punishing the Keystone state!

I can't speak for every state but it is not at most dealers here in VA as well. However my (new dealer) Sunrise Cycles in Norfolk wanted to gain my business and found one in NC for me. Man is it awesome and well worth the wait. They are available if your dealer wants to work. Apparently higher volume dealers were offered the newbie first and decided on early or late shipment. Most dealer here being in ATV country took late delivery I guess, but I was lucky enough to find that one dealer that would go the extra mile. He told me that he did a dealer transfer from a big Yammi dealer in Carolina that had small surplus due to loyals probably buying other brands tired of waiting. Hey maybe this is an option that you all that are as hard up as I was may want to explore.

mine came in today . just in time for x mas. ill be pickin it up tomorrow at lunch !!!!!!!!!!!!! . all i need is a full skid plate and ill be ready to ride , already got a new o ring chain waitin for it

I have a yellow(in stock) available in southern Indiana. Must be picked up.

call 866-yamaha-6

hope this helps some one.

Got mine two weeks ago Monday from International Motorcycle Brokers.Com in Canada. Left on a trip after a 20 minute break in. Cant wait to get home!


I'm picking mine up today in Pa. Limited Edition 450! Came in Friday. Makes a great Christmas gift!

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