Popped my Cherry !

Finally I'm a 'real' member, not a wannabe....

Picked her up at 3pm yesterday('99 WR400F), my first ride EVER on a MX started 4pm once I'd struggled into all my gear.

First kick.... she's alive. I listened to the dealer, read the reviews.... 90% first kick either HOT or cold. Believe me, I stalled on my first ride and had NO problems whatsoever to get her breathing again. What's the big deal ??

onwards.......WHOAH BABY.....

1)This bike RIPS.....Whoah.....held breath....slip....slide....gonna kill myself....phew....no WAY do I need to make the mods..... I cant POSSIBLY use all this power even of the stock setup....

2) Lighter than my XL600 (no **** ...its 60kg lighter)

3) Turns like a dog....but I'll get used to it....(and did)

Lessons Learnt....

1) DONT drag your foot too low on rough terrain. I caught something with my right foot hard enough to rip the (glued) sole from the toe of my boot....OUCH

2) Don't ride beyond your limits...my downhill mountain bike skills were coming out... trouble is the WR weighs about a "****load" more than my mountain bike so...yes... DOOOHHH....it DOESNT handle like a mountgain bike

3) Brake before you turn

4) Use the engine brake in steep downhills. (I am used to a drum brake on the rear and kept stalling in downhills due to the power of the rear disk)

5) Its difficult to use the rear brake whilst turning sharply to the right.....

6) Look FAR ahead. Wasn't used to the speeds and was using Mountain bike type distances......too short......

7) Avoid large rocks&bumps.... having the front deflect at high speed is NOT fun.... well at least not until you get to expect it..

First Experiences

1) Low(ish) speed power slides when accelerating out of turns are fun and easy to control

2) High speed "drifts" in turns to the right are awsome to behold...towards the end of the ride I was feeling real comfortable on the bike and was beginning to 'flow' and it just happened!

3) Following chamois (local brand of deer/mountain goats) down 4x4 roads at 40mph is a neat outdoorsy experience!!!

4) Saddle time is king. In the 3 hours of my first ride, my skills improved 100%

5) Hang on like hell !!! I almost blew myself backwards off the saddle in 3'rd...vicious circle...thrown backwards=more throttle=thrown even more backwards=even more throttle... fortunately I got the better of it.

3 hours later....


1) Arm pump approaching

2) That weeny easy pull clutch lever from 3 hours ago is now not so weeny easy!

3) Monkey butt! I'm not sure I understand the expression but it seemed to fit.

4) Beer in throat desperately needed

10pm... Kids in bed....wife writing....my first trip to the GARAGE!!!

1) Throttle "stop" mod...not necessary, as I suspected from the days riding experience

2) Air box top .... now gone (I DO need more power already!!)

3) Plastic, plate holder, plate lite doodad thingy....GONE.... Licence plate is now almost horizontal...I'll tell you if I get a ticket......

Oh yeah, like the other guy said, this site and this bike is ADDICTIVE.


Sounds like you're hooked now like the rest of us.....As far as your turning situation goes...I raised my forks in the tripple clamp up to 1/2 inch measured from the top plate on the fork to the top of the clamp. It has made a serious difference in the turning capability....I can almost will it to turn and it does.

Give it a try....Takes 5 minutes and you can change it back just as quick if you don't like it....Torque 17 ft lbs (top clamp) 14 ft lbs (lower clamp)

Bonzai... :)

Yamakaze, I think I'm going to try it. I guess top speed head shake will increase, something I already noticed, however the terrain I ride doesnt allow me to really fly for extended periods of time.

All I need now is a Torque wrench...any suggestions/advice ?


The Missile

'99 WR400F

Throttle stop mod is necessary. Do not skip this mod, you will be missing out.


01 426 "sewing machine"

Custom cracked headlight:

Custom bent and twisted header pipe:Custom repaired break lever:custom repaired clutch lever: Custom dented moose skid plate: Custom dented frame: Custom scuffed side number plates: Custom scuffed front and rear fenders: Custom stock jetting: Custom vortip: Custom stickers

Mike68 - I couldnt imagine that there was a throttle stop installed after the performance of the bike onmmy first ride... and I was right. The Swiss version of this bike has a shorty 'stop' from stock. Only mod I have done is to remove the air box and fender items.

On the torque wrench, you should get a small one for low torque settings. And on the downhills, try using more front brake, less rear brake. Welcome to the club.

ScottF, what range for the wrench(es) ? My bike came without manual so I'm clue less on what I need.


The Missile

'99 WR400F


thats way cool becuase it is kind of a pain in the ass.

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Yamakaze....did the mod on the front suspension. Couldnt ride yet as its DARK and I have no lights, but the parking lot test with squinty eyes sort of suggested it turns a little easier. Thanks for the suggestion.



The Missile

'99 WR400F

Ain't love great....I just love gettin way back on the fender riding wheelies thru the whoops...do they have whoops in Swiss land???...they sure do out here in the desert, and big blue just eats that stuff for lunch man!!! I wish I had this bike instead of my 490 when I was young cuz I agree with you on the power, still can't hold on for too darn long whence floored....

Anyway...welcome to the family



'99 WR400 with CA plates...ooooh yeah!!!

<<< errrrrrrrrrr.....like don't double click stuff or something...uh-huh-huh-uh >>>

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