how much oil?

I just picked up a 03 wr450 wednesday night and I don't have a manual. Does anyone have that can tell me what it says. How much with filter and how much with out? Also I know someone was saying something about the filter, that the 426 filter is better to use? Thanks in advance, Dan

It's just under 1 quart when you change the oil only and just over a quart when you change the filter also, can't remember exactly how much. But there is a link somewhere around here to a .pdf manual, I can't remember where it is either though. Sorry to be such a tremendous help :applause: .

As far as the 426 filter goes, I don't think it's a great idea. From what I've been reading, it doesn't filter nearly as well as the paper filters. If you're looking for re-usable filters, there has been nothing but good said about the scotts stainless filter, which has been said to filter close to or better than the paper.

My 05 manual says 1.06 US Qt without filter change and 1.16 US Qt with.

About 1.2 qts


Oil change without filter change is 34 Oz. and with filter change is 37 Oz. Go to this link for the Service and Assembly Manuals for the 2003 Yamaha WR450F. Please don't turn me in to the copyright police. :applause:

I can't believe it is only over 1 qt. My 426 was almost 2 qt. Thanks for all the help, Dan

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