450 Air box mod

I am doing my mods on a 03 wr 450. I pulled off the seat to pull off the lid like they say to do but that is where the batterey tray is. What are you guys doing for this?

I think you are referring to the snorkle, (your question is poorly worded) you can remove the snorkle if it has one and open up the right side of the air box where the cut out marks are.

Yeah, just take the right numberplate off and cut away.

Your 03 WR450 airbox should be exactly like my 06 WR450 airbox. The following is from the Yamaha AIS Removal Kit installation instructions:

"Remove the intake silencer. This will allow unrestricted air intake.

• Remove the battery.

• There are 2 pop-rivets used to hold the battery strap bracket that block the intake silencer from slipping out. Gently pry the battery box back until intake silencer can be removed.

Note: Use caution when doing this as you can break the battery box by using too much force."

It slides right out if you insert a medium screwdriver between the snorkel and the strap bracket. Just use your thumb and index finger to pull the snorkel up and out once the two rivets are no longer in the way. Take your bike for a spin and then decide if you want to do the airbox cut-outs also.


I spent the better part of Saturday talking to the local idiots at my Yamaha dealers serching for the AIS Removal Kit. If nothing else it was entertaining to see the dumbfounded looks I got. Finally got one guy to go to his computer and learn that it was a valid item, that they dont have....go figure. I logged on to TT today and odered it immediately for less that Yamaha quotes it. ThanksTT.

the 03 doesn't have cuttout marks. You have to just start cutting.

Whats the AIS removal kit?

Does anyone have a picture of the cut outs on a 04-05?

Just remove the right side number plate and you can't miss them

On the right side of your air box behind the number plate (which is riveted at the rear of the air box, you can just bend the number plate back or remove the rivets its up to you) Behind number plate you will see the air box with a flat surface on the upper half and a smaller flat surface on the lower half. I only cut out the upper portion because I opted to bend back #plate, and for deep water crossing. Only remove material on the flat surfaces as the other contoured shapes are part of the structure I believe!

Great, thanks for all the help.

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