Considering an '06 WR450

Since my XR650R was stolen about a month ago I've been thinking about replacement options. I really have been considering a wide range of bikes but now I'm starting to like the WR450 more and more. I do have a few questions that'll I'll need some help with before I decide.

1. What are the differences between the '05 and '06 models?

2. What is the stator output?

3. Is the headlight glass and does it use an H4 bulb?

4. Is the tailight wired for a dual filament bulb?

5. What is the largest fuel tank available. What are the ranges with the various aftermarket tanks?

6. What weight of rider are the stock springs rated for?

7. Other than basic setup stuff like jetting and suspension what are the best mods or add-ons for this bike?

I plan on learning more about the bike by searching the old posts but really the answers to the questions above should be enough for me to decide.



Ontario Dual Sport Club

the taillight is a dual fillament bulb from the factory. not sure on the other stuff, but I'm getting ready to split mine off and make it into a brake light/running light to tag the bike.

1. adjustable top clamp, electronic speedo, new speed sensitive suspension.

2. 14v/120w @ 5,000r/min

3. yes.

4. yes.

5. 28 litres GYT-R, ~400 kms range

6. ~75kgs

7. exhaust system definately, very choked up.

i got my 06 a few weeks back,its now a motard on the street,but you can wire it all up easily.i find the stock suspension to soft for my riding so i got some springs and shims for valving coming..

Bomax, did your Canadian model have all the restrictors( exhaust, jetting) that the US bikes have?

i got my 06 a few weeks back,its now a motard on the street,but you can wire it all up easily.

Did you buy a dual sport kit to accomplish this?

5. 28 litres GYT-R, ~400 kms range

Matty, is that for real?? Yamaha makes a tank that big? That's about 7 gallons. :applause: That would be sweet for some serious Baja adventure riding.

Aqualine in Sydney Australia makes those big tanks for the DRZ, WR, BRP, KTM, KLX etc! :applause:


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