Loose Forks

Has anyone experienced what seems like sloopy fork bushings on a new 05 YZ450F. I thought maybe it was the Headset bearings now im not sure. When I wiggle the forks just above the fork seals I can't feel any slop through the headset.

When grab the fork lower down or wiggle the front wheel I can feel a slight amount of slop. It is enough that I can hear it. very similar feeling of a loose headset.

This bike is brand new. I have only ridden through the breakin cycle.

Have not had that problem. I can tell you from swapping fork seals, there is like a rubber or plastic coating on the bushing there that was peeling off on my 05 250F. But that was after 8 months of riding.

Are you just holding the brake and pushing on the bike? Cause if you are, what you are feeling is the floating rotor. Kind of an odd feeling the first time you do that.

If it is not the rotor, take it back to the dealer. You have a 30 day warranty and have them go through the forks. The manual specifically states to change the fork fluid after the first ride, so kill 2 birds with one stone. (my guess for that is the inconsistant QC during assembly on the fluid levels. The Twin chamber forks are very sensitive to oil levels).

FYI while you are in the fluid, most need about 10-20cc more fluid than the baseline for the inner chambers to help with bottoming resistance.

enjoy the bike!

My 05 450 did the same thing and they are still doing that after the suspension work. It is normal for some play but not alot, thats what I was told from a couple different people. Did you notice this when the bike is on the stand with no weight on the front wheel? Thats when I noticed mine. Mine has been that way for a year now and everything is fine,so I would not worry about it.

Yes, I notice it on the Stand. It seems excessive to me. I dont recall any of my other bikes having this much fork slop.

I may take it back to the dealer for inspection.

The forks seem to work fine however.

My 2005 yz 250(2-smoke) has a little slop in the forks, they have had all new bushings without any differences. :applause:

Maybe this is normal with the new 05 fork. I was hoping to ride tommorow. Instead of taking it to the dealer.

It seems to work fine and you dont notice anything when riding, although I have had it over any jumps or rough stuff yet.

I cant see why any fork slop would be normal. Did you talk to your dealer about it yet? Maybe they would be able to do something about it since the bike is still new. My 426 has absolutly no play like you describe at all. If it was my bike doing that from brand new I would definatly be taking it back to the dealer... If its excessive like you say.

If your feeling this play when the bike is on a stand (no weight on sus.), it's probably normal. I'm pretty sure the '05 YZ450 has the same fork as the '05 YZ125/250 2 strokes. These KYB's don't have any preload on the springs or so I've read. I haven't had mine ('05 YZ125) apart to verifiy this personnally, but my understanding is the spring is very loose when the fork is at full extension.

This seems to be a common trait for these forks.

Took it to the dealer for them to check out. No one really Know definitively if is normal or not. So we check a 05 YZ250 and it also had shake. I think this is normal.

Anyway I had them document it in case it gets worse. (They indicated that it would fall in the 30 day warranty anyways.) So I will ride it hard and Keep an eye on it for a few weeks in case.

I wonder if this is by design in a effort to reduce stiction. Sort of a cheap way to mimick factory coated premium forks.

03 yz450, has had it since new, and after 4 sets of seals and bushes..ITS normal just accept it, like running out of fuel when you can't push it back...

It is normal. There is no preload on the spring and it does move around a bit when the for is fully extended.

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