Need Help on Chain Adjustment

Ive searched different threads on the adjustments. I'm hoping someone could help me on the proper adjustment procedures. This is my first BRP and I'm still learning proper adjustments. At first I tried adjusting the chain with bike setting normal,no suspension compressed. That didn't work lol. Now I adjust it with the suspension compressed. The chain still seem to have too much sag. If anyone out there could tell me the proper adjustment procedure I would appreciate it. :applause::ride:

when i do my chain i make sure it is on a stand so the rear wheel is elevated... then i pretty much just use the tick marks on the axle blocks and on the swing arm to gauge the adjustment. i try to make sure there is an inch and a half of slack from middle of the chain to middle of the chain.


Up on a stand, you need 1" of travel up/down in the middle of the chain (halfway between front and rear sprocket). Straight from the Honda Service manual, you have one of those don't you? If not get one ASAP.

The chain will be tightest when the swingarm is inline with the front sprocket, it will have it's most slack while up on a stand.

For something different, try this: both wheels on ground, sidestand up, fold the left side passenger peg down and put your knee on it and push the suspension down as far as you can there should be just the slightest amount of slack in the chain. I have my suspension quite soft (old guy) and this method gets the swingarm almost level. It can't be too far off, I ran the oem chain 10k mi in the sand of the Ocala National Forest, the next chain went 12.5k mi. Just remember loose is better than tight, at least when it comes to chains and valves.

Thanks for all of the info. guys. :ride::applause::p

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