What IS that stuff ??

As I was picking my bike up after a "stall and fall" I saw a stream of liquid issuing from one of the many 'entrails'. The flow stopped when the bike was mostly vertical.

What is it ? My guess is coolant. Can anyone confirm ? Is it normal ? Do I have a hole somewher I shouldnt ?

more than likely it will just be your carby bowl emptying. happens every time you drop the bike, it will even happen if you transport the bike with the fuel cock left on. nothing to worry about


You should be able to tell the difference between gasoline,oil and coolant.If your bike leaks anything other than that then you had better call Mulder and Scully.I'll have to agree with leaky (sounds like he's got experience)and guess that it's fuel.

Pete Z ...by the time I remembered that gas smells unmistakably like.... well..... gas, I was down the hill. The flow was too high for oil, and it was greenish? Next time I'll scratch n sniff to be sure!


The Missile

'99 WR400F

Well,coolant it is then.Must've come from the coolant recovery bottle.If there was a hole elsewhere,it would leak all the time the bike was running as the cooling system runs under pressure.That's my best guess, maybe someone else has a different idea.

Coolant it is....I was also at the end of a longish climb, the bike was very hot. Thanks for the answers and 'tips'.



The Missile

'99 WR400F

It's coolant from the recovery bottle.

My WR250F gets really hot when I'm doing slow, gnarly climbs (the fact that it's 117 degrees outside doesn't help either). If I stall during such a climb my bike immediately starts to boil. If I've fallen as well, I try to get my bike upright quickly because the coolant tends to blow right out of the recovery bottle when it's laying down.

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