XRL Suspension Help Needed

I have an '02 XRL, and need to upgrade the suspension, as I am 6'4" and 265 lbs., the stock ride is a little soft. I ride 60/40 dirt/street. I know I need heavier springs, but am unsure about the shim stack and valving. I understand that the stock valve can be drilled out to more or less allow finer tuning with the stack, and the stack manipulated, but that adds a little extra work. I am wondering if anyone can tell me the ride quality difference (for general/aggressive trail riding) with just upgrading the springs, to upgrading the springs AND valving. Obviously, I would rather just throw some heavier springs in it and hit the trails, but if it can make a considerable difference while I have it apart to go the extra mile and valve it..... :applause:

Thanks in advance.

1st off get a fork brace, then go for the racetech gold valves with the correct springs.

Have you tried setting the sag just to see what happens?

With your weight you will need the new springs, with your height you may also benefit from taller bars and/or risers


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